Hey! I'm Katie Currid. I call soda "pop," laugh too loudly and think cookies are the best way to bring people together. I love wearing sundresses, baking my grandmother's recipes and a good trivia night. I run a lifestyle blog, Freckle & Fair, that is so adorable your eyes will pop out, and try too hard to fill my home with Italian goods, reminding me of mine and my husband's newlywed years living there.

My background is in photojournalism, and I love to bring a documentary approach to all the families I photograph — including my own! I love preserving everyday family moments that are hard to capture on your own — the everyday moments you remember, like the feel of your favorite rug against your bare legs while you play board games, or the sound if your little one's feet kicking against the cabinets while they sit on the countertop, eating raw cookie dough, or the smell of your first born fresh out of the bath. I love to take the feel of all those everyday moments and translate them into still images — making sure they're not forgotten. 

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